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8 de junho de 2022

Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes? The Answer Might Surprise You

WestRock's study found that the strength of the recycled material degrades when the cardboard is 20% grease by weight. They partnered with Domino's to make the process easy for everyone: Go to their website and plug in your ZIP code, and the site will tell you if your local recycling center accepts pizza boxes.

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7 de junho de 2022

Produce Packaging Ripe for Innovation

Produce companies partner with WestRock’s EverGrow Fiber-Based Produce Packaging Collection, specifically its auto-erect carriers made of 24-pt coated natural kraft for plums, pears, nectarines, peaches, and grapes.

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12 de maio de 2022

WestRock Publishes 2021 Sustainability Report and Announces Validated Science-Based Target for Greenhouse Gas Reductions

(Press release) WestRock announced the publication of WestRock’s 2021 Sustainability Report, detailing the comprehensive efforts the company is making for, and with, customers to imagine and deliver on the promise of a sustainable future.

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25 de abril de 2022

State Farm Arena becomes worlds first sports and entertainment venue to receive

WestRock and other businesses were integral in helping State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, earn the TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Platinum certification from the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), the world's leading sustainability and health certification and credentialing body.

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20 de abril de 2022

ITW ShineMark and WestRock partner to eliminate cold foil waste

Foils manufacturer ITW ShineMark collaborated with WestRock on a program in Europe to eliminate plastic waste – not only from consumer packaging but also from the production process involved in cold foil application.

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7 de abril de 2022

Chemistry, Materials & Packaging From Seed to Recycling Center:How Companies Can Enable a Circular Economy at Every Step

WestRock discusses how companies can think about participating at individual or multiple points in the circular cycle.

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